Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Friday! Yesterday I was very busy researching and writing articles for Associated Content and Constant Content. I wrote one article on my birthstone, the garnet. I learned a lot! Did you know that there are green and yellow-brown garnets as well as the red, pink, and purplish ones? I also learned about the metaphysical and physical healing powers of the garnet. This is just a snippet of what I learned:

If you are wearing a garnet ring, garnet necklace, or garnet charm bracelet, you are wearing a metaphysically powerful as well as physically warming stone.

According to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, as well as New Age and Crystal healers, this gemstone has many of the highest healing qualities. Garnet is said to have restorative properties which are recommended in the healing of toxicity and blood poisoning as well as circulatory dysfunction. The garnet is also widely revered as helpful in arthritis and muscle pain due to its warming energy.

The several shades and qualities of garnet are purported to promote differing powers in spiritual and mental states. If you were to be suffering from stress and worry, you would want to wear a garnet charm bracelet of the more purple gemstones. The purple garnets include Grape and Mozambique.

Those who are experiencing a lack of purpose and focus may want to wear their birthstone ring of green garnet. Andradite and African Jade are beautiful examples of the green garnet family.

Orange shaded garnets are known to symbolize commitment and you may want to choose a beautiful Mandarin orange or Malaya garnet necklace as a gift for your special loved one.

Yellow-brown garnets, known as Hessonite, come mainly from Sri Lanka. Although these are thought to be of lower quality (their name comes from the Greek word “hesson” meaning inferior) they can be quite beautiful. The Hessonite is known for aiding in overcoming addiction and promoting stability and security.

Garnets, with their traditional warming powers, are also known to promote sensuality, passion and fertility. These are the jewels you will want to wear most often with your soul mate and special friends to enhance your feelings of intimacy and kinship.

This all led me to the conclusion that I should be wearing more garnets than just the one birthstone ring I wear daily!

In the course of my research, I ran across a beautiful website by intuitive jewelry artist Robyn Harton. She makes her crystal and gemstone jewelry by hand, and it is gorgeous. There is plenty of information about the healing powers and lore of gemstones and crystals here, and beautiful handcrafted items you'll want to share with your loved ones. Please visit Robyn here or visit my favorite links:

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