Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spinal Fusion?

This morning I've been surfing sites on the spine and fusion, and came across an alternative offered for spinal fusion! My own spine had to be fused from the thoracic area down, and this creates inflexibility and discomfort. My daughter worked with a woman whose fusion was failing repeatedly after her scoliosis surgery, and she was in misery. She was having to undergo follow up surgery to try to correct it. I do not know if it ever did prove successful.

The procedure written of on the site I am looking at is arthroscopic laser surgery. It's minimally invasive and the patient walks out the same day. It appears they treat degenerative disc disease (one of the conditions I had), bulging or herniated discs. I'm interested whether any of you have had this procedure or know someone who has? If so, please share your experience here and I'd like to print your story for others.

You can read more about this procedure here: