Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Inspiration to Get Back to Blog
Scoliosis Surgery for Cerebral Palsy Patients

Yesterday at the discussion forum myLot, I was inspired to return to maintain this blog. As you can see, I pretty much -- well I did abandon this blog for other pursuits last summer. However, yesterday a person was sent to me for scoliosis information and I realized how much I have yet to learn and share. My new friend's son is thirteen and has cerebral palsy. An orthopedist has recommended scoliosis surgery with rod insertion for the boy.

I have not had any contact with anyone in these specific circumstances, and this person has been quoted widely differing spinal curve measurements for their son. I am going to research further on the particular problems and challenges in scoliosis surgery for cerebral palsy patients and post here about this very important topic. I am sure where there are mobility problems to begin with, the rods and fusion recovery could be more difficult.

I hope that if you have experiences or knowledge in this specific area, you will leave feedback in here. I can send it to my friend as well as post it here. Thank you all so much for viewing my blog once again!