Monday, February 26, 2007

Today's a fine day, so far!. I got up early (5:45 am) and got a couple of articles written and submitted. Hoping they do well! I love the research and writing, so I finally feel like I am accomplishing something and enjoying it at the same time.

Parents may be wondering if their child with scoliosis should be doing a special set of exercises to address his scoliosis. Here is a general statement from the NIH regarding scoliosis and exercise:

"Can People with Scoliosis Exercise?

Although exercise programs have not been shown to affect the natural history of scoliosis, exercise is encouraged in patients with scoliosis to minimize any potential decrease in functional ability over time. It is very important for all people, including those with scoliosis, to exercise and remain physically fit. Girls have a higher risk than boys of developing osteoporosis (a disorder that results in weak bones that can break easily) later in life. The risk of osteoporosis is reduced in women who exercise regularly all their lives; and weight-bearing exercise, such as walking, running, soccer, and gymnastics, increases bone density and helps prevent osteoporosis. For both boys and girls, exercising and participating in sports also improves their general sense of well-being."

I would appreciate any feedback from parents who have had success with actual correction to their child's curvature through exercise. It would seem to me development of the muscles on the other side would help, but this article seemed to contradict that. I know the exercises my son was given did not affect the curve, but we were not diligent with the process.

I will be doing some further research on this aspect of developing scoliosis and posting it here soon.

Did everybody enjoy the Academy Awards broadcast? I thought some of it was puzzling, as it usually is: what the heck was up with those bizarre dancers acting out icons for the movies, lol? I just don' tknow why they have to throw that stuff in. I thought Ellen deGeneres was fantastic -- she always is! The spots with Al Gore were amusing. Mellis Etheridge was *outstanding*! And none of the acceptance speeches made me crazy!

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