Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hello, everyone! I am finally back after my long absence. It was not due to physical difficulties, but rather my very slow dialup connection which did *not* afford me any ability to multitask. Multitasking is essential when you live on your computer!

I have started making a meager living through online paying forums and writing sites. This is really exciting for me, as I am not good at business networking but I can do my bit at writing!

Please, if you are needing supplemental income, I can recommend all of these sites. They are all paying, legitimate businesses. On top of that, this is much more fun than promoting a lot of businesses for which there is very little return when you are *not* a good salesperson! Please consider visiting my links and signing up if you are interested.

After turning it around in my mind, I have also decided to place a "donations" link on this site. If you do contribute, it will be warmly appreciated.

Life here with my elderly parents has been an altering experience. I was able to help my mother out after all of the kindness and generosity she has extended to me while I have been needy. My mother had a knee replacement in October. While she was hospitalized , she had a mild heart attack. It of course terrified us all but she is now doing well but taking many medications. She's a trooper! At 86 it only took her a couple of months to want to be up and start doing chores again. It probably made her crazy seeing how I did them, lol!

I still have some severe pain at times but I am able to give it the old "mind over matter" treatment a bit better than I used to. However I am interested in trying a legal alternative to marijuana, which is called satvia. If anyone has had experiences with satvia, please feel free to message me with your tales.

I am going to begin publicizing my blog again, so if there is anyone with spine-related or other chronic pain related blogs, I would love to link to yours. We should all be helping eachother out! This is my small effort for today, so I go to relax and keep my mother company on this nice rainy Sunday. Thanks to all of you for coming back to see me!

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