Saturday, May 27, 2006

Of pain and music. . .this morning I remembered a CD and book set my sister had given me. The book and CD are a collaboration by a music therapist and composer to aid in the relief of chronic pain. I was in the midst of packing to move when I received the set and had not used it yet. This morning I remembered it and I came in to hear it first thing, since I FINALLY got my stereo set up yesterday. The music begins with some discordant and repetitious phrasing interspersed which is supposed to represent and reflect your pain as you sit relaxed in a comfortable chair. The second segment involves more calming music with a voiceover gently invoking visual imagery. Maybe I was not able to suspend my own thoughts enough for this to ease my discomfort. I still felt the discomfort in my neck and back but I suppose I was more relaxed, because I nearly did fall back to sleep.

I wanted to try this CD because I noticed something important and probably not too surprising yesterday. As I sat here most of the day doing my marketing promotions, I listened to all my favorite music--Stevie Ray Vaughn, Neil Young,U2,Indigo Girls, Shawn Colvin, Joni Mitchell and others--I suddenly realized I wasn't in pain at all. No pain, nada, zero!

Sure enough, at the end of this book, which my sister probably paid a small fortune for, there is a section advising you to listen to YOUR favorite music. Put on something you can sing along with, grab a big hunk of chocolate and feel the endorphins! And save your money.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!

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