Thursday, May 25, 2006

Good morning, kids! Here I sit with my coffee, contemplating how I've already NOT been faithful to my brand new blog. Remember how I was so proud I could finally get in and out of the bathtub after all this time? Welllll. ...apparently in the process of trying to find a decent position in that sucker, I strained something. So for the past couple of days I had a humongous ache from the middle of my back all the way around my ribcage and wasn't able to sit here much.

Which brings to mind the question: what do we people with back problems do when our occupation involves sitting all day? If we remember to stretch and exercise (if you're at home like me and have the schedule flexibility to do so) it's fine. But what if you're at work? I ran across a great little flip-through book yesterday called "Exerchair: The Exercise While You Sit in Your Chair Program." The book was sent by my parents' former neighbor Doug, and was written by his daughter Judi Sarkisian,Ph.D., illustrated by Paul Brewer. No they're NOT paying me to share this with you, heh heh. Anyway, I've been trying out the exercises as I sit here. These cover the body from head to toe, work well on maintaining your flexibility, and maybe just MAYBE you can burn a couple calories as well. For more on this book, there is a website listed on the back cover:

You notice I mention burning calories. I'm ashamed to admit I have gained 30. . .count 'em. . 30 pounds since my surgery. I was so jazzed because after the operation I had lost 12 pounds. Which was just right for me. Now I've come to live with my elderly parents and they have the dreaded ICE CREAM always in their refrigerator. Guess who LOVES ice cream? I was dumb enough to step on the scale the other day and, although I knew I had to drop some poundage cuz I couldn't button my jeans, I was freakin' SHOCKED to see how much I weighed. I'm surprised I could see my own feet. I know that gaining this much weight will only make my back worse, so since I discovered that 30 pounds I have been trying to lay off the ice cream.

I am off for a long, long, brisk, brisk walk. All of you take care of yourselves! And do not, I repeat, do NOT gain 30 pounds!

Luck and love.

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Crooked Karen said...

Hey Suzy! It's great to find someone else undergoing this struggle. I'm 44 years old and I'm scheduled for full spine reconstruction on Oct 17/06 - I discovered I had scoliosis when I was 15 and have struggled with it ever since. It's a real treat to know I'm not alone. Cheers...Karen