Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My folks and I are all recovering from terrible colds that we had. We're all much better, but I didn't know there could be so much, um -- material in the human head. Well yes, I knew from the last sinus infection, but it has been awhile.

The flaxseed oil has proved wonderful for me, along with the calcium & magnesium. I urge everyone with chronic pain problems to at least try it!

I studied some more about gem therapy but have yet to really try it. I have posted waiting for feedback at my discussion group myLot, and I'll come back and report on what people say. Here is just a little information that I gleaned from how gems are used in therapy:


1. Wearing Gems:

The warding off of demons or bad auras by wearing of crystals and stones was a common practice in ancient societies throughout the Eastern world. The practice extended into the western world with the shamans, although there are variations in belief as to which gems held which powers.

In modern times, the common belief is that you must wear pure and not synthesized gems in order for their healing power to take hold. Also to this end they need to be kept pristinely clean. They should be removed during strenuous athletic activity.

It is predominantly recommended that the healing stone be worn around the neck. However, you may also wish to wear stones closest to the body area to which you need the healing aura to apply.

It is important to remember as you put on the jewelry, to concentrate and focus mentally on its power and the specific effect you want the gem to have on your body. A gemstone therapist can assist in recommending cuts of stones, although the purity of the stone itself is the most important aspect. In selecting necklaces, you will probably want to select jewelry with a strong thread so that you can wear it when sleeping.

2. Heating and Application

Many gemstone therapies also include the heating and application of the stones. This therapy commonly makes use of lamps and/or heated3. moisture treatments.

The lamps include special areas where the gems are contained, and then the rays of the lamp are directed at the section of the body that needs healing. The intention is to directly effect the cells in that location. The gems are carefully selected for quality and color, depending on what condition needs to be treated.

Heated moist packs containing the gemstones are often applied to specific afflicted areas of the body in gemstone therapy. Sometimes the polished gems are placed in hot water and the area of affliction is soaked directly in the water.

3. Oils and ointments

Most gemstone therapists make use of herbal oils and ointments in combination with their use of the wearing of gemstones and heated application. However, some make use of finely ground gemstones into topically applied remedies. Amber, crystals and topaz are the most common minerals used in such pastes.

4. Meditation

Spiritualism is often referred to as central in combination with the physicality of actual gemstones when using them to heal. Yoga techniques are often taught by gem therapists to assist in concentration towards the stone’s power. This is because the internal energy or spirit of the person is thought to be reflected by the stone. It is for this reason the sufferer’s mental attention should be directed toward the stone and condition while it is being worn or applied to him.

Just snippets of what I learned while researching today. Any experience with gemstone therapy? Please feel welcome to leave your feed back, I would love to have it! I'm also going to explore the expense of various kinds of gemstone therapy and what is required to become a practitioner of it.


Invexpert said...

Great article! I was into meditating at one point .It improved my concentration,but it's been a long time since I meditated.

Sherry said...

Hi, I'm visiting my friends blogs from mylot. Your's is neat. I really like this article. I'm studying gemstone therapy and it is very interesting.


Suzy C said...

Thanks, folks. I will be visiting your site soon, Sherry, I appreciate your comments.

indianpedi said...

Hello, I didn't know that gems are heated by special lamps and used in this way.
I too use gem therapy to treat certain cases, which you perhaps might like to read about.
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