Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today I admit I'm a bit all over the place with my topics. Yesterday I went shopping with a friend for a few hours. My body isn't used to that much "out and about", because I sit here much too much at my computer every day to earn money. Today I vow to get up and walk and/or do other exercise every single hour!
However, while I was out to Trader Joe's and various other places yesterday, I bought some flaxseed oil and have added a couple of daily dosages of it to my diet. I am told it may take a couple of months for this to do me much good. But I know it may help the strength of cartilige and ligaments, so I am very much looking forward to that! I'm aware after my scoliosis surgery those are things that need all the healing help they can get.
When shopping, most of my pain comes from standing. I find I have to pace around and move quickly rather than standing there perusing the shelves. I always think I must look ridiculous pacing all the time. People will think (well -- know!) that I'm a little crazy!
Also I have come to the realization I need pain medication again in order to be more functional. When taking tramadol or hydrocodone I can get much more done and feel less depressed as well. You always hope you are going to conquer the need for these drugs. I guess I may be needing to take them the rest of my life. But I keep trying.
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Donna said...

Suzy, I know to some degree the pain you are dealing with as I have fibromyalgia and that leads to chronic pain and chronic fatigue and last but certainly not least, vulvodynia (all labeled syndromes, not disorders - so they aren't real). Some days the pain is unbearable, but the people around me don't want to hear about it because it isn't as visible as a broken arm or leg would be; and it's so continual that their sympathy has long since worn away. I already take so many medications that adding pain medication only makes me more Sleepy, and I am already Grumpy, Wheezy, and almost all of the other of Snow White's Little People (in keeping with political correctness) ~Donna