Saturday, March 10, 2007

I am getting ready to go see my kids and I'm so happy! They seem to be the best pain relief of anything! My exhusband is coming up also, strangely enough he's a good friend. People always think that's odd. Okay, well some of us are just hard to live with, lol. That would be mainly me.

It's my son in law's 40th birthday! You can see how old that must make me!

I've added "Grumpy, Gimpy, and Gay" to my favorite links, and I hope you'll visit there as the blogger is one of my favorite writers (and people.)

Everyone enjoy their day and -- peace out!

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Tammyr said...

Hey friend. I missed you and wanted to say hello and hope we can keep up. I also hope seeing your kids is a good time for you, as you need some fun and relaxation!