Friday, March 30, 2007


This morning I've added a free article feed to the lower section of my blog. The articles are all health related, however they are not all related to spine,back pain or scoliosis, so I may need to go back and fine-tune this addition.

The highly anticipated heating pad has arrived, and I must say it makes a lot of difference to how I feel here in this chair! This is a Sunbeam with six settings and the auto-off option. Along with my great adjustable high-backed office chair, I am quite comfortable at the moment.

Today I will be researching and posting more information regarding the healing power of stones. I am always glad to hear from you if you have expertise in such a topic. I love to learn at least one new "gem" of information every day!

My blog has been added to the myLot community, and I would like to thank myLot for not only adding to my income and daily pleasures but helping now to add to the web traffic of myLotians!

If you have arrived here from other locales and are curious, myLot is an online forum which pays its community to post and contribute discussions. It is great of them to share their revenue for helping to draw traffic. If you would like to join, of course it is free to do so and I have a link to myLot in My Favorite Links.


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